Urgent Care Intelligence Packs (UCIP)

With an aim to improve patient access, quality of patient care and assist with service improvement decisions, our UCIP system is designed to provide timely Accident & Emergency (A&E) information and patient discharge details direct from hospital patient administration systems (PAS) to GP's on a daily basis.

The urgent care intelligence pack is designed to identify the patients attending the A&E departments in order to help GP's identify and address appropriate health conditions relating to their patients at an early stage and thus try to prevent unnecessary admissions and hospitalisation.

These electronic reports contain urgent care intelligence relating to:
  • Long term conditions and chronic case load identification using 'Patients At Risk of Re-admission (PARR++)' and 'Combined Predictive modelling' techniques and systems.
  • A&E Frequent-user identification from A&E data set analysis.
  • A&E to Admitted Patient Care (APC) conversions.
  • A&E access analysis
  • High-cost service usage
  • Hospital discharge notices

Other systems that our consultants and developers have created and implemented include:
  • Interactive Mapping System (IMS) - a geographical information and analysis solution
  • Patient & Public Involvement (PPI) Toolkit and Campaign Manager
  • Hospital Intervention System