Practice Based Commissioning (PBC) information packs

Practice based commissioning is all about empowering primary care professionals like GP's, practice managers and PBC leads with control and influence over local commissioning decisions. The idea is to get clinicians more actively involved in analysing and choosing what type of health services need to be provisioned to serve the needs of their population and how these are to be commissioned.

The PBC information packs and underlying data-warehouse have been designed to satisfy the reporting needs of primary care professionals and to help them make these localised commissioning decisions.

Our consultants have worked hard to ensure that our PBCIP system reflects on good quality and reliable data in a timely manner. We have taken measures to understand potential flaws of underlying sources of data and helped PCTs refine the validation, verification and cleansing algorithms to make sure the information packs are meaningful and serve their purpose.

Our PBC-packs go beyond conventional budget and performance reporting and serve a specific set of purposes for GP's and practice administrators:

  • Being able to analyse health-service trends across treatment specialties, medical conditions, acute settings and population demographics.
  • To understand characteristics of secondary-care activity relating to patients they serve and understand the health needs of the public.
  • Being able to monitor and compare performance variances relative to budgets and historical performance.
  • To help build business cases for service redesign.