Patient and Public Involvement Toolkit

Patient and Public Involvement in the NHS has been a key principle underpinning the direction of the NHS for the last 10 years. Currently major changes have been proposed in how the NHS operates and develops in the future, but the need to involve patients and the public remains paramount. With the shift to GP consortia commissioning the bulk of healthcare services for patients, it is requirement that these newly created organisations will ensure that patients and the public are actively engaged. Patient and Public Involvement is about building relationships and trust. There is growing evidence to the fact that health outcomes improve significantly when patients are involved in decisions about their care.

The Patient & Public Involvement resource centre and toolkit has been designed to assist staff in using a range of techniques to engage with their patients. We hope that patients, service users and the public will use the resource centre to find out how they can become more involved in local health matters.

Originally designed to support staff working in primary care engaged in Practice Based Commissioning, the techniques can be used in any aspect of patient & public involvement work. The resource centre and toolkit has been designed to make it easier to find ways to engage with patients and the public by giving access to practical techniques.

Interactive Active Toolkit

The Keys Features are: