Integrated Healthcare Centre™ model

to support HfL recommendations

The National Health Service is currently undergoing major reform across the country following guidelines from the Department of Health and Lord Darzi's Next Stage Review. Primary Care Trusts have been tasked to redesign primary and secondary health care services to improve health outcomes, improve access and patient choice and bring healthcare closer to home for all.

Many trusts are undergoing transformation reviews, public consultations and building of business cases to deliver these recommendations and improvements through GP-led healthcare centres and federated models in primary care settings.

Planning for changes across delivery settings and providers requires a little more insight and science than mere instinct.

At Resource4u our consultants have been working closely with PCT's and clinicians to translate Healthcare for London (HfL) guidelines into local, borough-level requirements. This analysis and work is then used for projecting secondary care activity which needs to be delivered in primary care settings over the next decade to meet targets set out by the Department of Health.

As well as serving the needs of Strategic Commissioning Plans, the projected activity and plans form the basis of calculating and modelling the capacity and estate requirements to accomodate this shift.

Whether you're planning to capitalise on existing estate and resources across practice based commissioning groups and GP practices or considering a new-build option, our consultants can help you understand the activity volumes, related costs and potential savings based on different scenarios and also inform about existing estate limitations and required capacities.

Our model goes on to help define and plan the most appropriate service-mix guided by referral patterns and health needs assessments (HNA) across a borough.

In all, our Integrated Healthcare Centre model assists in satisfying audits, addressing design and business case challenges and provides a means of validating assumptions.

Coupled with our consultancy and insight on this subject we provide a complete package and help you apply a structured approach in defining the best options for establishing GP-led health centres.

The net result is better operational planning of federated healthcare models and GP-led healthcare centres to ensure the right service-mix and capacities are available to cater for the health needs of the populations you serve.

  • Primary to Secondary Care activity shifts
  • Optimisation of service mix
  • Opportunities to increase occupancy levels and improve patient throughput
  • Estate planning for patient-care and the associated costs