AQP Contract Management

Community Contracts Management System (CCMS)

The Department of Health published Operational Guidance to the NHS on Extending Patient Choice of Provider in the community; setting out guidance regarding the implementation of Any Qualified Provider (AQP) service or any community service redesign. This enables patients to choose any qualified provider where this would result in better care. Choice of provider should drive up quality, empower patients and enable innovation to support the Delivery of Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP).

Importantly extending choice of AQP providers provides a vehicle to improve access, address gaps and inequalities and improve quality of services wher patients have identified variable quality in the past.

Issue on how to performance manage contracts as we move away from historical block contracts?

From Clinical Commissioning Groups’ perspective the AQP scheme enables an infrastructure to be put in place around performance management and clarity around business processes like never before. Under block contract obstacles existed around difficulties to verify & validate patient activity, manage budgets and plan effectively.

With many smaller healthcare providers becoming part of the AQP scheme or any community contract these issues are compounded leading to overspends, wrongly charged activity, missed opportunities and generally debatable performance monitoring and control if any.

"There is a strong need to work with an information driven model to manage the AQP Programme or Community Contract”

The Solution

Our Resource4U Business Intelligence Team have developed a working model complete with a set of IT-Tools for Information & Performance Management relating to qualified community contracts.

Keep It Simple...

The solution is designed to keep it simple & effective. It requires basic MS Office skills for overall AQP / Community Provider Programme Performance Management.

The model consists of the following components:

  • Minimum Data Set (MDS)
  • Database
  • Reporting Pack

The significant data visualisations from the model include:

  • Top Level Summary by Speciality
  • Referring Practices Spend by Speciality
  • Referring Practices Spend by Service Providers
  • Standardised Analysis Adjusted by List Size
  • AQP Spend Share
  • Treatment Risk Assessment based Analysis

The Intelligence derived from MDS will play a critical role in Performance Enhancement, Decision Making as well as a Strategy Drive for any community contract and making it a real success. This allows commissioners always to be in control!!

Testimonials & Endorsements

CCMS has received excellent feedback and appreciation. The AQP National Team has endorsed the following:

  • "System is Gold Standard for Contract Performance Monitoring"

    The AQP National Team
    The AQP National
  • "Effective data collection Methods, Monitoring & Reporting"

    The AQP National Team
    The AQP National
  • "No over-kill in terms of complex Business Intelligence & Analytics"

    The AQP National Team
    The AQP National
  • "Well thought-out, pre-defined & efficient Business Processes to support the implementation of community based services for any Commissioning Organisation"

    The AQP National Team
    The AQP National